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Trailer Trash Boys knocks it out of the park again with the addition of Falcon Exclusive Cole Conner joining the fun with Mega-Daddy "Uncle" Drew Sebastian. Cole is all smiles as Drew slides that abnormally huge cock into his hole. The two guys are clearly having a lot of fun and - like usual with Trailer Trash Boys - the guys stay firmly in character for the whole scene (Drew's Southern Accent is a mainstay). When Trailer Trash Boys first debuted, it was a bit of an oddity. A comedy porn site hadn't really been successful before, but the team of Trenton Ducati, Anthony Duran and Jasun Mark gave it the magic it needed and before long, A-list stars of Gay Porn were lining up to join in the fun. This week's new scene is another scorcher shot outside in the sprawling Trailer Park built for the site.

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