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Jul 05, 2024

Casting Couch 508: Kosta & Gus

by Kristen Bjorn

Gus Torres is thrilled to be in this casting because he is the one that gets to induct Kosta Viking. Gus is aware of the legend of the gifted cock, the sexy man and all the talents that he brings with him, that man is Kosta. Both men’s cocks are rock hard long before the clothes come off. As Kosta strokes both of their cocks their kissing is hitting a new level of passion. The attraction between these two men is electric and no acting required. Kosta begins by deep throating Gus’ fat cock, taking it all the way down his throat, deep enough so that Gus’ pubic hair tickles his knows and his balls rest on his chin. Cannot get any deeper than that. Gus gets spun around and Kosta immediately begins feasting on his magnificent ass. Kosta works his way from smooth pucker hole, to clean shaven balls down the long uncut cock shaft.

By Kristen Bjorn

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Jul 05, 2024

Andy & Justin

by Southern Strokes

A little wrestling practice never hurts, but it sure does make it better when some good dick is on the line. Just ask sexy twink teammates Andy Reyes and Justin Host. Andy is captain of the wrestling team and often gives his teammates some help when requested. Justin had a big match coming up and could use the extra help, which took place in Andy's living room while his parents were at work. Justin thought he had a chance to win, but Andy was just too good at being on top, which Justin didn't mind as he licked on the crotch in his face before getting Andy's big cock in his mouth. That was only the start as Andy stripped Justin down and took his meat between his lips before turning him over and licking his ass. That was just what Justin needed to let Andy slide inside his hole and show Andy how good a teammate he could be.

By Southern Strokes

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Jul 05, 2024

Skott & Jack

by Bear Films

Wayne is trying to sell Skott Locke a new home closer to the action but doesn't tell him that the house came with a bear sub, Jack Jaxsin. A nice selling feature. Wayne offered Skott a test drive to see if he liked the special feature. In no time, Skott was putting Jack through a rigorous test run, complete with kissing and some nice cock sucking. Jack was passing every test with flying colors, especially the taste as Skott licked on his sub's ass. Next was the fuck test, and Jack was ready, taking a nice fuck from Skott's pierced cock, from the chair to the floor.

By Bear Films

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Jul 05, 2024

Blown By JR

by Cade Maddox

JR, or @WhiteBoySuxxx as he’s known online has a talented mouth and is motivated as hell. Let me tell you, he did not quit until I was left shooting down his talented fucking throat. This might have been a quickly but he is talented as hell, and it was hot as fuck. Follow him on Twitter and OF @WhiteBoySuxxx.

By Cade Maddox

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Jul 05, 2024

Using Eli After Hours

by Corbin Fisher

Among CF's iconic pairings are Eli and Calan. But when you ask Eli about which specific episode really rocked his world the most and left him drained and desperate for more, it was his first time getting fucked by Barron (sorry, Calan!). Yup, it turns out that first time bottoming for Barron felt as good for Eli as it looked to all of us. We could tell Barron was hitting all the right spots with Eli and as that episode was going on it was clear we were witnessing some real magic, and Eli confirmed that when we asked him about his favorite scene. Well, it's time for these two to recreate that magic! You know Barron was more than up for the task, as always. A total stud with a dick that does not quit, Barron knows what he's doing and knows he's darn good at it.

By Corbin Fisher

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Jul 05, 2024


by Naked Sword

Bred & Breakfast: All The Way Inn Carter Collins is celebrating his two-year anniversary with husband Damian Night in the best possible way with a weekend get away at Heath Halo’s ‘All The Way Inn’ and a sensual massage that has him rubbing down and going deep inside Damian. After fingering, rimming, and 69ing his man in the outdoor ‘Bred & Breakfast’ courtyard, Carter continues the public play by filling up Damian’s ass with his bareback cock. Feeling versatile, Damian then returns the favor by topping Carter’s tight hole, pounding him out with his big dick and pulling out just in time to cover his lover’s taint with hot cum.

By Naked Sword

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Jul 05, 2024

Hugo & Steve

by Bel Ami Online

To bring us in line with Pride month we moved our scheduled photoset back a couple weeks and replaced them with real-life couple, Hugo and Steve. Our pair of newbies premiered on Freshmen earlier this year and are at the core of our newest generation of models. Luckily, neither of them seem the jealous type, so we will get to see them in action with all of the rest of the new team as well as with each other.

By Bel Ami Online

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Jul 05, 2024

Cumming on Jamie

by Hot College Fucks

From just a look of that massive rod Miller carries in his pants, I knew that the muscled jock would be a handful in bed. After all, he with as much ass as he can pull, I’m sure he’s knows how to work it. Jamie puts him to the test today, waking him up, fully committed to work out his morning wood! She sucks his big, hard cock as far down as she can. He’s more than a mouthful but Miller is all about coaching the pretty brunette along with plenty of dirty talk. He’s going to give her what she wants, but he’s going to make her work for it! No matter the position, that big dick of his gets the job done and he has her crying out in every single one. She’s loving getting completely owned by the strong alpha.

By Hot College Fucks

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Jul 04, 2024

Damian & Tanner

by Randy Blue

Tanner Valentino makes his RandyBlue debut bringing passion and a big dick to fill Damian Night! They're all over each other from the start and once Damian sucks him, Tanner is happy to feed him every inch, suck him back and eat out his ass. Damian really wants more though and stops sucking cock long enough to beg Tanner to fuck him. Tanner pounds Damian whose moans unleashes more big dick energy. Tanner shows his top creds by making time to suck Damian, engage in sex talk and drill him every which way. He also makes Damian cum first and upon request keeps fucking until he shoots his load over his hole and into him. Is it any surprise they're both wiped out after this?

By Randy Blue

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Jul 04, 2024

Special Ops: Lucas

by Straight Off Base

Straight off base, Navy Seaman Lucas, swings by the Major's quarters again to rub another one out for the camera. He recently reported aboard his new duty station in San Diego and he figured he'd hit up the Major for some extra much-needed cash and some good fun. Lucas is 19 years old, stands at 5'10" and weighs in at 180 lbs. He was born in Mississippi but now claims Georgia as his home. He currently has around 15 tattoos and on course to get several more before too long with the extra cash he's going to pick up busting his massively heavy nuts. The Major gets Seaman Lucas to slowly strip from his Navy dress blues uniform and stroke away at his big cock until he explodes 8 powerful cum bursts all over his tatted body.

By Straight Off Base

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Jul 04, 2024

Kirk with Freddy & John

by Freshmen

Today's video opens to a picture perfect morning featuring our Freshmen dream team. Like almost every young guy, John Leto wakes up with a hard on which needs to be put to use. After a quick shower with his mates Freddy McQueen and Kirk Gauguin, they all get into bed where a circle blowjob leads to more fun. Kirk is the lucky top today while John and Freddy pile up on each other and offer their holes for fucking. Kirk lives up to his fame and bangs both holes mercilessly. John and Freddy enjoy some deep fucking as Kirk switches between worshiping their young asses and hard erect cocks. Finally this fresh young couple use Kirk's body to reach climax and cum all over his face. Kirk then delivers his load to the couple who are always hungry for cum before they all take another shower together.

By Freshmen

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Jul 04, 2024

Ellis & Jamie Team Up On Alex

by Bi College Fucks

Although still pretty new to everything CF has offer, Alex is loving every experience but if you ask him, bisexual threesomes are still his strong favorite! He might be a glutton for pleasure, but he prefers to see himself as loving everything about sex! Ellis starts off just watching, but seeing Alex and Jamie going at it hard, made him yearn for a hard fucking too. So he jumped right in gave Jamie a hand (or rather a mouth) to help sucking and rimming until Alex was at the brink of cumming! Jamie gets an idea, why not give Ellis absolutely everything he wants? Getting into a completely impressive position, she rides while Alex fucked him from behind. At the beginning it was all about Alex, but Ellis gets the full treatment at the end though both guys make quite the white hot mess!

By Bi College Fucks

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