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Marcus McNeill returns to give CockyBoys Exclusive Greyson Myles what he fantasized about when they first met. Marcus gets what he wants too: a hot ass to rim & ruck with his thick cock! Marcus gives Greyson some top man affection as they explore each other's bods before he goes for the gold: eating out Greyson's hungry hole! Marcus gets the thrill of Greyson's deep-sucking before he drills him and finds a hole willing and eager for his cock. So eager in fact that Greyson rides him effortlessly, even as that cock grows even bigger. Eventually though Marcus takes charge, flipping Greyson and fucking a load out of him and shooting a big one over his hairy abs. At the end, Greyson is wowed by his load AND he's still marveling at Marcus' cock!

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