Diago Returns Topping Tristan

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Diago Returns Topping Tristan Visit Randy Blue

By Randy Blue

Tristan Hunter returns to RandyBlue for the Diego Sans experience with intense, passionate sex, with a few twists, leading to an explosive climax. Diego is already up , stroking himself as Tristan starts his day and joins him for affectionate foreplay and goes down on him. Tristan knows his stuff, definitely pleasing Diego and going the extra mile by deep-throating him. Diego barely has to ask when Tristan turns around and rides his cock, loving how it feels inside him. As good as it is, Diego makes it better by drilling Tristan, making it look easy to drive him wild. When Diego detour into play with Tristan's hole and his cock & balls, he also maximizes the experience using not just his mouth and hands, but his feet. And when he's primed Tristan, he pounds his hole even more intensely.

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