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Alex & Lobo Visit Randy Blue

By Randy Blue

Alex Ink returns to RandyBlue with real-life beau Lobo Careirra in his Randy Blue debut and they bring their intense romantic passion and show why they are regarded as a true power couple. They start their day communicating their affection and desire non-verbally, first making out and then Lobo lovingly sucking Alex and sets his passion afire. In response Alex happily kisses and licks Lobo all over before zeroing in on his cock and hole which he with his tongue, fingers and cock. Alex then gives Lobo a good ass pounding but, like a boss takes him into a mutual suck-fest. Alex face-fucks Lobo and sits on his face and while he fucks his throat again, Lobo shoots his load which Alex gobbles up and shares. Lobo is satisfied, but he makes sure his man is too and is right there for him.

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